The next Ratan Tata!

Krishna Prasad
1 min readNov 9, 2022


Meet Sridhar Vembu, a simple looking man with a vision to “build software products to the world”.

A small dream which lead him to start a company called Zoho, which became unicorn long time ago.

Now, it is generating 1 billion+ dollars in revenue.

That too, with positive cash flow. Which hardly any unicorn could achieve till date.

Today they have around 80 million customers with 12,000 employees across 9 countries.

This man gave India, its 1st software startup crossing a Billion Dollar in revenue without any outside funding.

The best part of his journey was, when the world is moving to the west from India. This man moved his company’s offices from the US to India to serve his country.

This man had written history many times in past and now he is just adding more new chapters to his memory book.

Proud to have entrepreneurs like him in India 🇮🇳 and we may see him as the next Ratan Tata of India.

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